(26. 6. 2023) Times Microwave Systems Introduces Next New Tool Kit for LMR® Installations

Our partner Times Microwave Systems, the preeminent brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors, has released a new hardcase kit that includes all of the tools required for working on LMR® TK- 400/400-75EZ-HC coaxial cable installations.

These kits are designed to enhance work efficiency by packaging all the necessary tools for a specific job together in one organized case. This eliminates guesswork and inefficiencies by ensuring the correct tools are readily accessible at the work site when needed.

Specifically, the LMR TK-400/400-75EZ-HC tool kit includes:
• CT-400: Crimp tool for LMR 400 X series connectors
• CST-400: Prep tool for LMR-400 X series connectors
• CST-400-75: Prep tool for LMR-400-75
• CCT-03: Cable cutting tool for LMR-400 and LMR-400-75

Datasheet TK-400/400-75EZ-HC tool kit


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.