(27. 11. 2017) Surface-Mount Logarithmic Amplifier MLS-0206

This 2 GHz to 6 GHz Surface Mount Logarithmic Amplifier is just 0.45 inches x 0.45 inches. Realized using traditional MIC techniques, this device has a temperature range of -40° C to +85° C and is provided in a hermetic seam welded package. The new amplifier was specifically designed for use in ELINT radar warning receivers, channelized receivers (Receive Strength Signal Indicator or RSSI), ESM systems, weather radar, airport landing systems and EW systems.

  • The construction of the device will promote for excellent RF and reliability performance, it will meet the MIL-STD 202 requirements for shock, vibration, humidity and altitude.
  • This new logarithmic amplifier is therefore suitable for commercial, military applications and space-qualified versions of it can be considered as well.
  • The device has outstanding accuracy, linearity and its overall excellent RF performance is complemented with an internal regulation scheme.

Download Datasheet.


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