(09. 11. 2017) Sivers IMA’s New 24 GHz Radar Sensor Platform and Evaluation Kit

The EVK02401/00 is a complete 24 GHz radar, intended as a platform for the development of customer specific sensing solutions. It integrates an analog front-end, MCU and antenna along with signal processing software into an easy to use sensor (the RSE02401/00), allowing customers to create high performance systems using radar as the sensing technology. It provides both FMCW and Doppler functionality for distance and speed measurement out of the box.

• 24 GHz Radar Front-end (ISM band) with integrated antenna
• MCU board with firmware
• Serial over USB connectivity
• Low power consumption
• Option to use external antenna

Download Product brief.

Download Data sheet.

EVK02401/00 Tutorial.


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