(16. 1. 2019) New M-Series VNAs from Copper Mountain Technologies

Our partner Copper Mountain Technologies is launching new M-Series VNAs.

The M-Series VNAs deliver metrology-grade performance in a more economical package that excludes a number of
advanced features (against well known Compact Series VNAs):
• Vector Mixer Calibration
• Scalar Mixer Measurements (FOM)
• TRL Calibration
• Frequency Offset
• Time Domain
• Gating

The M-Series will include three models:
• M5065 6.5 GHz
• M5090 8.5 GHz
• M5180 18 GHz

The M-Series will use the same software S2VNA as Compact Series without access to functionalities mentioned above and cannot be upgraded to offer full software functionality.

More information about M-Series you can find here.

The M-Series is available for sale from January 2019!


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.