(15. 7. 2021) New 75 Ohm products SC7540 and ACM2708 from Copper Mountain Technologies

Our partner Copper Mountain Technologies is launching a pair of 75 Ohm products SC7540 and ACM2708.

The SC7540 joins the Compact series as CMT’s highest performance 75 Ohm VNA, capable of measurements from 100kHz – 4GHz. Featuring a 24 us per point measurement speed, and 135 dB dynamic range, the SC7540 delivers 75 Ohm testing capabilities with improved speed and performance without the need for matching pads. The SC7540 is CMT’s effort to provide a simpler setup and lower total cost for 75 Ohm measurements.

ACM2708 is a 75 Ohm calibration module up to 8 GHz for use with native 75 Ohm VNAs, including the SC7540. This automatic calibration module can also be used with CMT’s 8 GHz VNAs and 8 GHz 50 to 75 matching pads. This enables automatic calibration when using 50 Ohm VNAs with matching pads or physical adapters for 75 Ohm measurements.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.