(18. 8. 2017) Copper Mountain Technologies won the Global USB VNA Product Leadership Award

Copper Mountain Technologies received the 2017 Global Product Leadership Award for USB VNAs from Frost & Sullivan. It illustrates that demand is growing for highly accurate, portable test equipment available at an affordable cost. Copper Mountain Technologies is at the forefront of this trend for affordable and portable high-quality VNAs. The many benefits of Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB VNAs also solve problems that cannot be addressed by traditional VNAs. The instruments that CMT provides to engineers are highly accurate and have a lower total cost of ownership. This award shows that an independent industry analyst covering RF & Microwave has evaluated the USB VNAs in the industry and has placed CMT as the product leader. This is the second time Frost & Sullivan recognized CMT leadership. In 2015, Copper Mountain Technologies was presented with the Global VNA Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. That was the first recognition of CMT's expertise in high-quality VNAs. They recognized USB VNAs as an important innovation in the industry, offering quality VNAs with the benefits of smaller form.

Read the full report from Frost & Sullivan here.


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