(22. 6. 2018) Copper Mountain Technologies news from IMS 2018

Compact VNA S5180 2-Port 18 GHz

  • Frequency range: 100 kHz - 18 GHz
  • Wide output power adjustment range: -40 dBm to +10 dBm
  • Dynamic range: 135 dB (10 Hz IF bandwidth) typ.
  • Measurement time per point: 30 µs per point, min typ.
  • Up to 16 logical channels with 16 traces each max
  • Automation programming in LabView, Python, MATLAB, .NET, etc.
  • Time domain and gating conversion included
  • Frequency offset mode, including vector mixer calibration measurements
  • Up to 200,001 measurement points
  • Multiple precision calibration methods and automatic calibration

S5180 datasheet

Global Partnerships & Integrations with Compass Technology Group - Materials Measurements​

The company’s core focus is on material measurements. Compass Technology Group integrates Copper Mountain Technologies products into their systems with probes.

  • CTG Handheld Reflectometer - portable, handheld reflectometer system that is suitable for point inspection of RF coatings on a variety of DoD platforms. The system includes tight integration with a Copper Mountain vector network analyzer. It records calibration, S11, S21 and full 2-port measurement data. Material properties (dielectric permittivity and sheet impedance) can then be extracted from appropriate measurements.
  • CTG RF Capacitor - is a wide-band design (from <100 MHz to 800 MHz) that is a cross between a capacitor and a square coax.  It allows for fast, easy measurement of 3″ cube specimens on all three principle tensor directions.  It is integrated with a low-cost S11 network analyzer and our CTG software that allows for easy collection of the data and uses a fast numerical inversion strategy for determining material properties.  It is a quick, innovative and affordable strategy for VHF/UHF materials measurement.

Global Partnerships & Integrations with Diamond Engineering - Antenna Measurement

The company integrates its products for mmWave measurements with Copper Mountain Technologies’ CobaltFx Frequency Extension System. Diamond Engineering designs and manufactures antenna measurement systems, RF power amplifiers, and custom measurement software.


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