(07. 5. 2021) Comtech PST - New Product Releases

Our partner Comtech PST releases two new amplifiers on market.

Model BM2719-150 is a highly efficient Class AB linear amplifier, which operates over the full 20 to 1000 MHz frequency range with output power of 150 watts.

Model BHED718778-500 id Solid-State Power Amplifier for Ground Mobile Military Communication and Datalink applications using the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF power devices. The efficient class AB design operates from 7.125 to 7.725 GHz frequency while maintaining excellent linearity performance at rated power. Developed to replace older TWTAs technology, this product operates reliably in harsh environmental conditions. The amplifier design features Self Protection for Load VSWR, Temperature, as well as a graceful degradation in case of a RF power module failure. High MTBF supports improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.


Model BM2719-150

Model BHED718778-500


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