(07. 2. 2023) 20GHz to 36GHz and 28GHz to 40GHz YIG-Based Notch Filters for EW and ECM from Micro Lambda Wireless

Our partner Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. has developed a breakthrough product line of Notch filters that cover Millimeter wave frequencies. This family of new Yittrium Iron Garnet based filters provide superior notch depths over the 20 to 40 GHz frequency range. Two models provide tunable notches of 15 MHz min. at 40 dB down across the 20 To 36 GHz (MLFR-2036) and 28 to 40 GHz (MLFR-2840) bands. The 3 dB Bandwidth is 100 MHz max. for both models. Typical passband insertion loss is 3 dB and the passband range is 20 to 42 GHz.

The frequency of the filters is changed by changing the current across the tuning coil which has a sensitivity of 25 MHz /mA. They use an internal heater which operates off of either +28 Vdc or +/- 12 to +/- 14 Vdc. Surge current typically is 300 mA max and less than 100 mA steady state.

Over the temperature range of 0°C to +60°C the frequency drift is +/- 20 MHz while the linearity is +/- 5 MHz over the frequency range.

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